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    Hawk Vision® intelligent image weft/pattern straightener

    HONGDA 2019-01-21 171 return



    Hawk Vision intelligent image whole-flower wefting machine adopts advanced technology such as machine vision-based weft-aligning technology, whole-flower technology, integrated weft integration technology, intelligent control of the whole machine, and industrial camera intelligent imaging technology with more than 8000 detection points. Accurate detection of the weft texture and pattern of the fabric, the correction accuracy can reach 1.0 cm / m width, breaking the traditional photoelectric weft knitting machine and the ordinary image weft knitting machine for the fabric weave, texture, density, yarn thickness, etc. All kinds of restrictions, the whole flower function creatively solves the deformation problem of the flower pattern fabric such as jacquard cloth, printed cloth, yarn-dyed cloth, etc. The whole weft function solves the twill, sanding, thin, heavy, chiffon which cannot be solved by photoelectric finishing. The latitude problem of textiles. With advanced digital processing technology and big data analysis advantages.

    The product technology has been appraised as the international leader by the China National Textile and Apparel Council and won the first prize of China Textile Science and Technology Progress.


    core advantages

    Intelligent whole flower technology

    • Full scan >8000 check points

    • Applicable fabric type > 16 kinds of fabric inspection control

    • Knitted fabric • Brushed fabric • Yarn-dyed fabric • Jacquard fabric

    • Denim • Heavy fabric • High-density and high-density • Curtain fabric

    • Sofa cloth • Chiffon • Silk silk • Printed cloth

    • Twill cloth • Transfer printing • Digital printing sizing • Various fabrics such as composite processing

    • Full flower, latitude dual function automatic switching

    • Significantly improve the success rate of the whole weft shaping


    Intelligent image weft technology

    • Intelligent light source control technology, detecting light source with low light decay and long life

    • Machine vision imaging and image recognition technology for a variety of fabric types

    • The latitude and latitude and longitude control adopts closed-loop automatic control technology for precise control

    • Advanced optical technology and texture recognition technology to ensure accurate detection of fabric weft

    • Latest big data intelligent processing technology for high-speed detection and control

    • Correction control uses follow-up frequency and width control, faster latitude, higher precision and more responsive

    • Artificial intelligence automatic learning technology

    • Leading digital processing technology, using big data analytics to achieve data storage and analysis

    • Equipped with network remote self-diagnosis system