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    Setting machine automatic weight on-line measurement and control system

    HONGDA 2019-01-21 163 return



    Setting machine automatic weight on-line measurement and control system

    During the weaving and finishing process of the knitted fabric, the weaving error of the weaving machine and the inconsistent tension of the processing process may cause a change in density and cause unevenness of the weight, which seriously affects the quality of the product, and the worker cannot perform the control operation. Therefore, in order to ensure the stability of the knit cloth, the density of the cloth must be strictly controlled during the setting. The super-feeding control system of the setting machine adopts international leading digital image processing, pattern recognition and information fusion technologies, and uses industrial cameras as detection elements to comprehensively detect the weft density of the cloth in motion, and can be based on the results of the weft density detection. The weft density of the fabric is adjusted in real time to achieve the ideal weft density and to provide high quality textiles. The system overcomes the shortcomings of photoelectric latitude and ordinary image automatic overfeeding system, and is a new generation of high precision automatic overfeed control system. This product technology already has the national invention patent.

    System functions

    (1) The system adopts two sets of weft-density online detection sensors for feeding and distributing cloth to form a closed-loop detection and control system;

    (2) It adopts special light source design to meet the precise measurement of weft density of fabrics with various colors and structures, and has a wide application range;

    (3) The system can detect the weft density of the fabric in real time, and output the adjustment control signal to control the overfeeding of the super-feeding motor;

    (4) Guarantee the uniformity and consistency of the weft density of the fabric during the production process, effectively solve the difference between the head and tail weft and improve the product quality;

    (5) It has a friendly man-machine interface dialogue function, which can display the test results in real time and is easy to operate;

    (6) It has database management function to facilitate user production quality control and management;