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    Artificial intelligence technology shaping process execution system

    HONGDA 2019-01-21 157 return



    Many process parameters in fabric shaping process (such as: speed, tension, additive concentration, immersion time, weft inclination, overfeeding, drying room atmosphere humidity, drying room temperature, fabric setting temperature, dislocation temperature, fabric quality, The width, the weft density, the weight, etc. need to be quantitatively detected and controlled. The intelligent process execution system of the shaping process collects and analyzes a large amount of data on the site, and uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze and process, and extracts the optimal control mode of different varieties. Improve the success rate of fabric setting and the reproducibility of the production process.

    The new generation of artificial intelligence stereotyped process execution system is supported by powerful intelligent technology, with a high degree of intelligence and digitization as a means to achieve high quality, high efficiency, green, low carbon and ensure a successful success rate!

    INSHK® creates a new generation of artificial process technology based on artificial intelligence technology!

    Leading the new era of stereotypes!