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    Dyeing machine cylinder PH value online detection system

    HONGDA 2019-01-21 178 return






    In course of vat dyeing technology, pH value monitor is an important link. It has two difficulties how to rise up reliability and correctness of pH value measuring in the vat dyeing environment.

    PH-700 series dye vat PH value online measuring and control system effectively realizes vat pH value online measuring and control under dyeing environment and makes pH value evenly the same under dyeing environment. Meanwhile the system has trouble diagnosis and prompt function to reach the target of fault-tolerant test and it realizes change of vat environment pH value measuring and control from worker’s operating experiences to the system’s automatic detecting and control. The management people can understand current vat dyeing environment pH value at real time to guarantee reproducibility of productive technology and it is helpful to rise up quality of product and onetime success rate.


     Characteristics of functions of the system

    It can make real-time monitor and detection over PH value of full production course of the dye vat;

    To make control of PH value according to technological requirement;

    It has functions of display of data curves, storage and inquiry of data report;

    It has RS232 communication interface to facilitate users remote monitor and management;

    It can guarantee good technological reproducibility thus to rise up grade of product and the onetime success rate.


     Technical data

    Measuring range of PH value: 0pH-14pH;

    Display resolution: 0.01pH;

    Control precision of PH: ±0.3pH;

    Temperature range of suitable medium: 5-135°C.