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    ITMA 2019 is a complete ending! 2023, meet Milan again

    HONGDA 2019-06-28 86 return

    On June 26th, ITMA 2019, the highest technical development in the industry, was successfully concluded in Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain. ITMA 2019 is organized by ITMA Services. The advanced technology and on-site mechanical display of the exhibition will be held in the total exhibition area of 220,000 square meters. The exhibition has 19 exhibition areas covering comprehensive solutions of the entire value chain. 2019 The World Textile Machinery Exhibition will feature 1,700 exhibitors from 46 countries. By presenting exhibits throughout the textile and apparel manufacturing value chain, visitors from China will be able to easily find comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions from around the world. From chemicals and colorants to finishing machinery and recycling, visitors can find a variety of green solutions. In addition, artificial intelligence, robotics and automation are also important for visitors looking for business opportunities.

    Ranked by the number of exhibitors, the number of exhibitors from Italy ranked first (364), and the number of Chinese exhibitors ranked second (276), surpassing Germany (222), India (169) and Turkey (164). . In terms of the scale of the exhibition, 9 countries from the European Textile Machinery Association, headed by Italy (26%), accounted for 65% of the exhibition area. The main participating countries in the rest of the world are Turkey (9%) and China (8). %) and India (5%). In terms of professional fields, the number of exhibitors was the highest (325), followed by spinning (281), weaving (182), printing and dyeing (157), and knitting (136).

    China Textile Machinery Group, Wuxi Hongyuan, Honghua Digital, Global Group, Jiangyin Huafang, Cixing, Changzhou Hongda, Rieter Group, Sanderson Group, Benninger, Megani, Stäubli and other companies are all innovating The gesture was unveiled at the show.


    Trade deal, an indispensable highlight

    Although many companies emphasize that the main purpose of participating in the exhibition is to conduct technical exchanges and face-to-face communication with customers, with the influx of high-quality, purpose-oriented customers, the exhibition has also set off a wave of signings.

    For example, at ITMA 2019, Rieter Group has signed a series of sales contracts with Cotton & Textile Industries Holding Company from Cairo, Egypt, for a total of seven projects with a total project value of CHF 180 million. The delivery of the compact spinning and ring spinning systems involved in the contract is expected to be completed in the next two years. The order is part of the modernization project for the Egyptian textile industry. The entire project's order credits are expected to be completed in 2019, and sales will be included in the 2020/2021 fiscal year.

    2Dr. Ahmed Moustafa Mohamed, Chairman of Cotton & Textile Industries Holding Company, and Dr. Nobert Klapper, CEO of Rieter Group, completed the signing of the contract at the ITMA exhibition in Barcelona, Spain.

    The intention of China Textile Machinery's Jingwei cotton spinning equipment exceeded US$50 million (excluding Zhengfang Machinery, Aotefa, Lixin).

    When talking about the harvest of this exhibition, Gu Ren, chairman of Changzhou Hongda, said that the exhibition itself is a world-class high-level exhibition. Many of the products in the exhibition are world-class, world-class companies participating in the exhibition. They are all exhibiting in kind, because the technology of our whole flower weft knitting machine is still the world's leading level, and we have gained detailed understanding of the audiences in Spain, Germany, USA, Italy, Argentina, Turkey, Pakistan, India and other countries. Praise. In this year's exhibition of intelligent printing and dyeing, the exhibition has also made progress, and the color detection of fabrics has become one of the highlights. Many online testing products and technologies have laid a good foundation for intelligent printing and dyeing. Gu Ren introduced that there are more than ten sets of intentions for the exhibition. The exhibition also obtained the information of foreign customers' demand for products. The Hawkvision exhibits and the related technologies have won the full recognition and high evaluation of the world-class company-related engineering and technical personnel.


    Technological innovation, sustainability 

    is still the theme

    Technological innovation is not only the basis of industrial transformation, but also the key to the success of the textile and garment industry. At the opening ceremony on the first day of the exhibition, Fritz P. Mayer, president of the European Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association (CEMATEX), said: “Although the current global economy still faces major challenges and uncertainties, the textile industry is the oldest in the world. One of the manufacturing industries, and still spare no effort to launch innovative and sustainable solutions, ITMA as an excellent display and trade platform, will provide opportunities for all aspects of the industry chain to cooperate and win."

    As the fourth industrial revolution brings a new era of smart and flexible manufacturing, innovation is critical to maintaining global competitiveness and sustainability for textile and apparel manufacturers. As the world's largest and only comprehensive textile and apparel manufacturing technology showcase, ITMA covers the entire production chain, and ITMA plays a key role in promoting knowledge transfer, promoting interdisciplinary and cross-industry collaboration, and celebrating research and development.

    4One of the highlights of ITMA 2019 is the promotion of knowledge exchange and excellence in sustainability. In the fierce global competition, sustainable manufacturing is critical to the success of the business. The global textile and apparel industry, based on a complex linear supply chain, is plagued by high human and environmental costs. For example, the resource consumption is large, the processing flow is long, and a large amount of waste is generated. By adopting cleaner production methods, manufacturers and brands can enjoy the “triple bottom line” of profit, people and the planet while contributing to the circular economy. To better address this issue, ITMA 2019 provides an integrated platform for environmentally friendly solutions for the entire textile and apparel manufacturing value chain, with dedicated recycling, waste reduction and pollution prevention exhibition areas. For example, the ITMA Innovation Lab aims to promote innovation and promote the sustainable development of the textile and garment manufacturing industry through research and development.

    Reprinted from China Textile