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    [Textile wisdom] Intelligent and personalized is the development trend of domestic printing and dyeing machinery

    HONGDA 2019-07-25 118 return

    In 2019, with the deep adjustment of the market, it has become the norm to eliminate backwardness and promote high-endization. Environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, short process, digital monitoring and intelligentization are the development direction of printing and dyeing machinery, leading the development of printing and dyeing machinery enterprises Market.

    Domestic equipment is widely recognized

    At present, the domestic printing and dyeing equipment has gradually approached the level of similar foreign products in terms of performance, coupled with the high cost performance, and can provide timely equipment after-sales service and other advantages, forming a greater competitive advantage for foreign printing and dyeing equipment enterprises. In recent years, some established European and Japanese printing and dyeing equipment manufacturers have significantly reduced their production, and some have even withdrawn from the Chinese market.


    As a domestic manufacturer of printing and dyeing equipment, Jiangsu Wuxi Xinlian Printing and Dyeing Machinery Co., Ltd. has sales of nearly 110 million yuan in 2018. The company's mercerizing machine can reach a speed of 130 m / min, which is welcomed by downstream companies. Sales have continued to increase since 2018. Wuxi Yangjia Machinery Co., Ltd. is a dyeing machine manufacturer whose products have increased in domestic sales in recent years. The company's sales in 2018 are between 160 million yuan and 180 million yuan, an increase of 40% over 2017. Jiangsu Hongqi Printing & Dyeing Machinery Co., Ltd. is positioned at the high end. In 2018, the company's annual output value is 220 million yuan, an increase of 15% over 2017.

    Despite this, the current development of printing and dyeing equipment companies are facing many practical problems. For example, at present, some of the printing and dyeing enterprises have a problem of insufficient supply of medium-pressure steam, resulting in a decline in product quality. Printing and dyeing companies have a demand for all-electric heating setting machines. It is gratifying that domestic enterprises have responded very quickly in this respect. Domestic printing and dyeing equipment enterprises can quickly adapt to the needs of users and produce products that are marketable.

    In addition, many companies report that despite the increase in sales, the two biggest problems facing enterprises now are insufficient market demand and disorderly competition. At the same time, insufficient labor, rising labor costs, and fluctuations in prices of some raw materials The impact of the company is still large, which forces companies to continuously promote product innovation and development.

        In addition, some printing and dyeing enterprises that have high requirements on product quality will consider purchasing imported printing and dyeing equipment when they upgrade their equipment or expand their production capacity. This requires domestic printing and dyeing machinery manufacturers to continue to work hard to improve product quality and enhance brand value.

    The shaping machine market is outstanding

    Due to the wide application range of the stenter, it is also suitable for on-line monitoring, remote monitoring, waste heat recovery, automatic filter cleaning and other technical enhancements of the shaping machine, which is more suitable for market and environmental protection needs. Therefore, the market of the shaping machine has been hot in the past two years and has maintained a high growth rate. With the increasing demand for functional fabric products in the market, coating machines have also become a sales hotspot in the domestic and international markets.


    In 2018, the sales volume of almost all fixed-machine manufacturers has increased. Leading companies in the domestic fixed-machine industry such as Hengtian Lixin Industrial Co., Ltd. have performed more prominently, especially the export volume has grown rapidly. In 2018, its export volume accounted for It is about 50% of the total sales in that year. The stentering machine produced by Yuanxin Industrial Co., Ltd. has sprung up everywhere. Although the product price is much higher than that of the general domestic stenter, the market share of the product has risen rapidly and the brand awareness has been continuously improved. Wuxi Feida Textile Printing and Dyeing Machinery Co., Ltd., which mainly produces setting machines and dryers, also increased its sales in 2018. The company's setting machine uses a variety of heating methods, so it is more popular in the market, and sales continue to grow.


    Intelligent and personalized is a big trend

    At present, the application of intelligent technology for printing and dyeing equipment has become more and more extensive. Various digital production monitoring systems, digital pulping, automatic distribution systems and other products play an increasingly important role in printing and dyeing production, not only to ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of dyeing materials, in clean production, reduce labor Strength and stable product quality have also been recognized by more and more users. It can be seen that the popularization of numerical control technology has opened up a new development space for printing and dyeing machinery. In recent years, the establishment of digital monitoring system for printing and dyeing workshops has realized the trend of data acquisition in the whole process. Printing and dyeing equipment auxiliary handling robots, flat net handling robots, cloth conveying, yarn conveying intelligent logistics systems and conveying vehicles and other intelligent printing and dyeing equipment have emerged, and the automatic distribution technology and products of dyes and additives have gradually emerged.

    The automatic super-feeding system of the shaping machine introduced by Changzhou Hongda Technology Group adopts intelligent image technology to monitor the weft density of the fabric on the cloth side during the setting process. When the weft density of the fabric cannot reach the set value, it can be adjusted by overfeeding. The system adjusts the weft density to the ideal state in real time to ensure the uniformity of the weft density, achieve the standard weight per unit area of the knitted fabric, improve the success rate of one time, and provide guarantee for the production of high quality textiles.


    With the advent of the era of intelligent printing and dyeing, personalization has gradually become popular. Personalization has great market potential in the current market. Some enterprises represented by the “Min Yin” platform, an online printing system launched by Hangzhou Honghua Digital Technology Co., Ltd., have begun to explore and practice this aspect. The platform is designed to create the fastest online digital printing customization platform that allows consumers to customize personalized products with original content, offering flexible manufacturing and unique customization.

    In addition, the combination of strong and strong, expanding the field of equipment application is also a new trend in the development of printing and dyeing enterprises. Fujian Qianlong Machinery and Shanghai Taiwei cooperated to launch the world's first new printing machine that seamlessly connects the two processes of rotary screen printing and digital printing – LV series rotary net digital joint printing machine. Using the advantages of the rotary screen and digital inkjet printing to produce with each other, such as the rotary screen used to print color paste, large block or glue, pearl paste, paint and other special inkjet can not do the color paste; digital spray The ink printing machine prints a color with rich color and strong moiré effect, and can print a flower cloth with rich color, bright and special color paste, and has good color reproducibility, high output and low cost of use.

    Environmental protection is still an eternal theme

    At present, “green textile” is still a prominent theme in the development of the textile industry. Environmental protection requirements are becoming increasingly stringent. Most downstream printing and dyeing enterprises that do not meet environmental protection requirements are shut down, which in turn encourages enterprises to be more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. The demand for medium and high-end equipment has increased.

    On the other hand, many printing and dyeing equipment manufacturers feel the requirements of the downstream market for the adaptability of equipment varieties, which creates opportunities for companies with strong research and development capabilities. For example, with the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the market share of Blu-ray network will become higher and higher in the future, and the market potential of such products is unlimited.

    In recent years, with the rapid development of the knitted fabric market, the low-bath ratio overflow dyeing machine, the low-energy airflow dyeing machine and the gas-liquid dyeing machine with both are becoming the main products of various equipment manufacturers. Among them, the growth of airflow machines (including gas-liquid machines) is more obvious.

    In addition, as environmental protection requirements continue to increase, manufacturers and research institutions have increased their investment in research and development of water-free dyeing equipment. With the continuous emergence of new textile fibers and fabric structures, as well as the increasingly strict requirements for energy saving and emission reduction, the dyeing process will be continuously improved and optimized, and dyeing equipment will be used to achieve this goal, which will promote the more active investment of equipment manufacturing enterprises. Research and development.

    Digital inkjet printing machines not only have the characteristics of diversification, small batch, and individual customization, but also comply with the requirements of environmental protection and clean production. With the continuous improvement of the technical level, the printing speed of the high-speed digital printing machine is close to that of the flat screen printing machine, and the production cost is gradually decreasing, which is ushered in a period of rapid growth. Rich color expression, no flower back limit, no plate making (saving time and plate making costs), as well as water saving, energy saving, improving working environment, reducing labor intensity, etc., are unmatched by traditional screen printing equipment. Faced with the trend of high-speed and low-cost inkjet printing, many companies have launched the Single Pass full-width digital printing equipment. The attractive market prospects attract more and more companies to invest in the development of digital printing machines and their supporting products, but the high investment and low output situation has also brought tremendous pressure on inkjet printing machine manufacturers.


    Source: Textile Big Data