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    HT series seam head online detection and control system
    category : Printing and dyeing intelligent equipment



    The system is a new type sensory style with intelligent detection and measuring. It detects reliably without damage fabric to be measured. Its indices can reach international advanced level!

    The system is effectively used in sewing joint of fabric to be detected. It can control pressure removal and application of printing and dyeing equipments such as calendar, roughing-up machine, cloth inspection machine and protect rolls for easy and continuous production.

    Characteristics of the system

    Adopt new type sensor to detect sewing joint, no adjustment is needed when it is replaced;

    The detecting device with judge function of the inner computer can detect at the same time;

    Microcomputer intelligent measuring and control is in no relation with thickness of fabric;

    Detecting flexibility is adjustable, reliable and accurate.

    Technical data

    1) Power supply: AC180 V-240 V  50HZ – 60HZ;

    2) Power consumption: 5W;

    3) Output: photo-coupled output 30 mA  500 VDC;

    4) Measuring range: <6 mm thickness of sewing joint of all kinds of fabric.