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    Management and control system with intelligent intelligentization in production course
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    Senior assistant of managers

    At present, in production course of printing and dyeing enterprise technological data do not have automation and network management. Only depending on artificial visual measurement it cannot collect technological data correctly.

    Depending on strong technical superiorities, after making deep study for many years Changzhou Hongda developed the management and control system for intelligentization online detection and intelligent informatization of production course, which combines all application systems inside the printing and dyeing enterprise into a local area network so as to realize informatization of the enterprise and establish a latest production and management platform in the printing and dyeing enterprise.

    Characteristics of the System

    It can meet requirement of management people for record of technological data at all kinds of site;

    It can largely rise up the onetime success rate;

    Make overall monitor upon printing and dyeing technologies to rise up processing ability;

    It can largely reduce cost of production and management and largely rise up profitable space.

    Based on data analysis, we can obtain the total cost of the order from the grey cloth to the finished product, and summarize differences of cost of its like thus to provide reliable data of similar orders for reference.

    The continuous detecting and control and the grid digitalized management of all technologies used in production course of printing and dyeing can make monitor and digitalized management of production course, automatic settlement of production cost, effective management upon water, electricity, steam, energy consumption, yield and the rate of finished products, and realize digital control over printing and dyeing.