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    HD Textile Printing and Dyeing Energy Management System
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    Realizing Advanced Energy Source Full Intelligent Class 4 Energy Source ManagementLow Cost Energy Source Management System with Intelligent Informatization

    The energy source management system takes existing printing and dyeing online detecting technology combined with current advanced technology of internet of things to realize collection and management energy consumption and data generated in production course by means of the online detecting and control devices and measuring appliances such as flow meter, remote electricity meter, remote water meter mounted in every machine, makes real time monitor upon every machine, real time adjustment and control upon data, and makes record, storage of data in the whole production course to form report and intercommunicate with enterprise’s network.

    Five Major Levels

    Policy-making level — Management level — Operation level — Control level — Intelligent execution level

    Six Major Characteristics

    Automatic collection    Automatic operation    Automatic management    Automatic analysis   Automatic optimization   Automatic diagnosis

    Effect of the SystemPeople in production management can clearly understand current energy consumption of machines, and find possible problems existed in real-time data so that they can eradicate waste of energy resources and make strict detection and control energy consumption of every order to reach the target to rise up efficiency, reduce emission and energy consumption and have a clean production.