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    Digital printing intelligent edge cutter
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    With much advantages such as short technologic route, fast ordering speed, low cost of sampling, a plenty of patterns, small pollution etc., the digital printing machine is used more and more widely. The materials clothes used by the digital printing machine are mostly produced by shuttleless loom therefore cloth edges are always irregular. As the nozzle is close to fabric, irregular edge can often affect precision nozzle to cause the machine stop or damage the nozzle thus to increase cost of production! At present there is no good solution to solve irregular edge.

    Changzhou Hongda specially developed the digital printing intelligent edge cutting system which can cut irregular edge accurately and effectively therefore it has important meaning to rise up the utilization rate and to protect nozzle of the digital printing machine.

    Characteristics of functions of the system

    Automatic centering function;

    Automatic identifying and tracking irregular edge of fabric;

    Automatic cutting irregular edge;

    Rise up efficiency, grade of product and onetime success rate.

    Technical data

    Suitable machine speed: 3-30m/min

    Detecting precision of irregular edge: 0.1mm

    Retained length of irregular edge: 1-3mm.